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Technical Solution

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Technical Solution

New energy power system

Publish Date:2019-10-29

HITE New Energy Power System is a RTG new energy power system solution independently developed by HITE Intelligent Engineering Department based on the company's more than 20 years of engineering experience in electrical control system of hoist. Based on small diesel generator set or commercial power charging, the power lithium battery stores and recovers energy, and provides all working power for mobile equipment.

Overview of three solutions:
Hybrid RTG has sufficient operation flexibility in the storage yard. The power of the whole machine comes from the battery system, and the small diesel generator set only charges the battery. The fuel saving rate is above 60%.
For RTG transition application, switch seamlessly from bus-bar power supply to battery power supply. The battery capacity enables the cart to run at full speed for more than 3,000 meters, and allow the lifting of heavy load at low speed in emergency mode.
When the power grid capacity is limited, the operating RTG in the slide wire can increase by 40%.

System features:
· Equipped with power lithium battery, resistant to shock, vibration, puncture, safe and stable. Short charging time. Wide temperature range of service environment: -30℃~60℃.
· There are two modes of pure electric operation and hybrid operation.
· The system incorporates modular design, and can be combined and expanded at liberty. The internal resistance of parallel connection is small. The battery produces less heat and is efficient.
· Two-way DC-DC, stable bus voltage (fluctuating ±10V).


Value for customer:
· Pure electric solution, large battery capacity, the generator is only used for battery charge, with high efficiency. The fuel saving rate reaches more than 50%. Energy saving and emission reduction
· Optimal management of charge and discharge to prolong system life.
· The failed battery module can be replaced without shutdown. 0 downtime due to fault,
· The battery module is small, light and easy to assemble and disassemble. Module spare parts are relatively cheap.

Application scenario:
· Mobile handling equipment for ports, docks and storage yards
· Mining machinery, construction machinery
· AGV, logistics handling