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  • Port


    ● Electronic Control System of Quay Crane
    ● Electronic Control System of Ship Unloader
    ● Upgrading Project of Immigration Inspection Network Switch at Shenzhen Yantian Port
    ● ZPMC-Pakistan Rubber-tyred Gantry Crane RCMS Wireless System Project

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  • Metallurgical industry

    ● MES for TISCO Steel Mill
    ● EMS Network System Project of Tianjin Tiantie
    ● Converter and Continuous Casting Network System Project of Inner Mongolia Baogang Group
    ● Long-distance Transmission Network System from Inner Mongolia Baogang Group to Baiyun Rare Earth Mine

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    Metallurgical industry
  • Expressway


    ● Toll Collection System for Linbai Section of Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway (G7) in Inner Mongolia
    ● Electromechanical Monitoring System for Guizhou Kaili-Leishan Expressway Tunnel
    ● Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor Project of Wulingshan Avenue, Xiangxi Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province

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  • Energy

    ● Digital Mine System of Shanxi Yangmei No.1 Mine
    ● Personnel Location System for Yunnan Dahongshan Copper Mine
    ● Phase II SIS System Project of Taizhou Power Plant under State Grid
    ● 10-gigabit Industrial Network Platform of Shaanxi Dafosi Coal Mine

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  • Pharmaceutical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry

    ● Material Management System
    ● Batch Production Record System
    ● Automatic Control System of Tablet Press
    ● Scheme of Batching and Weighing System
    ● Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) System

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  • Rail traffic

    ● OA system for Nanjing Metro
    ● Communication network project of Guangzhou COCC
    ● 10-gigabit Backbone Ring Network for Tianjin Metro Lines 2 and 3
    ● BAS Network System Solution for Shenyang Metro Line 1
    ● Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS) for Hangzhou Metro Line 1

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    Rail traffic
  • Automobile


    ● Phase II Assembly Project of SAIC General Wuhan
    ● Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Production of Beijing Automotive Powertrain

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  • Airport

    ● Phase III Expansion Project of Wuhan Tianhe Airport
    ● Docking Guidance System for Terminal 3 of Capital Airport
    ● Application of Information Integration System in H&i Server Airport Terminal

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  • Pipeline corridor

    Pipeline corridor

    ● ACU System for Huangshi Pipeline Corridor
    ● Monitoring System for Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor in Hefei Xinzhan District
    ● Industry Application of Smart Pipeline Corridor - iWORX Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor Monitoring Software
    ● Phase II Project and Phase I Engineering of Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor in Duohu CBD, Jinhua

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  • Water treatment

    ● iWorx Case-Smart Water
    ● Raw Water Project of Shanghai Qingcaosha Reservoir
    ● Water Treatment in the Core Area of Shanghai Disneyland Park
    ● Application of H&i Server in Water Treatment Industry

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    Water treatment