Dedicated products

Dedicated products

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Dedicated products

NetSCADA Configuration Monitoring Software

Publish Date:2019-10-30

NetSCADA Configuration Monitoring Software

Product introduction
NetSCADA configuration monitoring software is a set of software product for mid-to-high-end HMI/SCADA automation market. NetSCADA configuration monitoring software has been widely used in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, port, machinery and other industries. The system has a powerful development platform that can provide special data acquisition, monitoring and process flow pictures for industrial applications and provide users with continuous upgrade and support services.

Product features
- Abundant communication and device driver functions, supporting various serial ports, field buses, industrial Ethernet and other communication interfaces, as well as the equipment communication of various industrial standard PLC, transverters and transducers;
- Various application modes, meeting the requirements of various monitoring application scenarios and supporting various monitoring modes such as stand-alone monitoring, network monitoring and webpage monitoring;
- Optimized for pharmaceutical industry, supporting various recording modes including digital signature, system log and custom alarm as well as batch report generation;
- Abundant analysis functions, supporting statistical analysis and query of various complex real-time curves and historical curves, and statistics and query of complex batch reports;
- Supporting Access, MS SQL Server and other mainstream database software.

Flexible configuration, security and reliability

Simple visual operation interface

Abundant graphical controls

Seamless interfacing with various PLC and intelligent instruments

Any operation will be recorded and queryable

Any operation requires authorization to be performed

Product values
Data traceability: Complete data and operation traceability throughout the entire production process
Report presentation: Powerful batch reporting system (historical report, historical curve, log, alarm, etc.)

Application scenarios

Individual equipment

Multiple equipment

Equipment networking