Dedicated products

Dedicated products

HITE Intelligent Manufacturing is driven by customer demands and provides highly available products that meet the application scenarios of "intelligent connection, intelligent acquisition, intelligent storage, intelligent calculation, intelligent control and intelligent display".

Dedicated products

H&i SERVER System

Publish Date:2019-10-30


Product introduction

Fault-tolerant server is a high-availability server which is designed to ensure the users' applications and data would not be interrupted and lost due to server hardware failure. HITE's self-brand H&i Server System has been widely used in transportation, energy, municipal administration, metallurgy and other industries since it was launched by the company in 2010. With the development of Made in China 2025 and industrial upgrading, the demands for collection, computation and storage at the edge of manufacturing enterprises is becoming more and more prominent. H&i Server System is defined as a highly available server at the edge with the availability of 99.999%, which provides a hardware guarantee for data marginalization.


High availability

ISCCC certified IT product
Real-time monitoring of operation status, fault prediction and active alarming
Tolerance of single component failure to ensure continuous operation of the business system
Strong adaptability to operating environment: Stable operation in both ordinary environment and industrial site environment
Implementation mechanism
Industrial hardware design standard: The average failure-free time of key components exceeds 10 years
Data redundancy: Business data of the system is completely redundant to ensure that business data is not lost.
Hardware redundancy: All components of the server are redundant, and the entire server will not be shut down due to a single-point failure of any hardware.


Product values

Loss prevention: Economic losses can be prevented by avoiding the downtime of users' applications and transactions due to server hardware failures.
Cost saving: The total cost of hardware+software+maintenance is lowered.
IT resource integration: Multiple operating systems and applications may be deployed on the same server with its own virtual technology.
Easy maintenance: Hot-plug of components is supporred without any professional IT skills.


Application scenarios

Key applications: Supporting the application featuring frequent transaction processing times per minute and emphasizing timeliness and continuity
Edge computing: Supporting the application of filtering and processing data generated by field production equipment
System reform: Supporting smooth migration of existing systems between new and old equipment