Dedicated products

Dedicated products

HITE Intelligent Manufacturing is driven by customer demands and provides highly available products that meet the application scenarios of "intelligent connection, intelligent acquisition, intelligent storage, intelligent calculation, intelligent control and intelligent display".

Dedicated products

IndusCloud Private Cloud Appliance

Publish Date:2019-10-30

Product introduction
HITE IndusCloud Private Cloud Appliance is a private cloud appliance solution that integrates cloud computing technology, fault tolerance technology, security controllability and quick delivery based on H&I SERVER System and OpenStack management platform for pooling, dynamic management and distribution of hardware facilities resources such as computing resources, storage resources, and network resources.

High availability
· Data security
· Stable management platform
· Automatic migration of cloud hosts
· 7x24 technical support

Implementation mechanism
· Distributed storage: A storage resource pool is composed of different storage media such as hard disks, and the data is copied and backed up among different storage media to ensure data integrity. Distributed protocol: An alternative management node is automatically selected after the cloud platform fails.
· Automatic fault recovery: The cloud platform monitors the cloud host throughout its life cycle and automatically recovers from faults.
· High-availability of control node: The cloud platform management server is a H&i SERVER dual-mode fault-tolerant server, which adopts memory and hardware synchronization technology to guarantee zero-second interruption upon failure and availability of more than 99.9%.

Product values
Data traceability: Complete data and operation traceability throughout the entire production process
Report presentation: Powerful batch reporting system (historical report, historical curve, log, alarm, etc.)

Product values
· Rapid deployment: Convenient OOTB service deployment
· Fault tolerance: High availability of private cloud control node for zero-second interruption
· Easy maintenance: Centralized and integrated management instead of traditional independent service management
· Cost saving: Virtualized resource pool for sharing hardware and software resource and saving overall investment cost

Application scenarios
· Enterprise data center
· Service data site