Dedicated products

Dedicated products

HITE Intelligent Manufacturing is driven by customer demands and provides highly available products that meet the application scenarios of "intelligent connection, intelligent acquisition, intelligent storage, intelligent calculation, intelligent control and intelligent display".

Dedicated products

Hi-SCOM Industrial Ethernet Switch

Publish Date:2019-10-30

Product introduction
Hi-SCOM Industrial Ethernet Switch is the core strategic product of HITE and Belden Hirschmann, covering a complete industrial Ethernet product line. It can provide highly reliable industrial network solutions and quickly respond to personalized customization requirements.

Product classification
1. Core layer: High-bandwidth 10 gigabit industrial core switch
High performance with fanless and wide temperature range design
Modular with high flexibility and scalability
Applicable to backbone networks, supporting large bandwidth carrying capacity to meet the performance requirements of large industrial networks
2. Distribution layer: Rail and rack type high-port-density industrial switch
Used to establish a reliable large-scale critical network
Applicable to industrial application scenarios requiring a lot of wiring in control centers or field control cabinets
3. Access layer: Compact rail type industrial switch
Covering entry-level to advanced managed switches
Easy-to-use and cost-effective solution
Applicable to various application scenarios

High availability
Adaptive to harsh industrial environment
Failure prevention and self-recovery mechanism
Strict network security guarantee

Competitive advantages
Highly reliable quality: Sharing the manufacturing process and standards of Hirschmann Suzhou factory
Quick response: Realizing localization service capability based on Hirschmann technology to quickly respond to customization requirements
Multiple network redundancy: Proprietary HS-Ring, standard HIPER-Ring MRP, Dual Homing, Coupling Ring, multiple rings and link aggregation to ensure millisecond network self-recovey and protect key applications

Product values
Service-oriented: Realizing localized quick response to customization requirements based on Hirschmann technology
Cost-saving: Supporting various redundant protocols to maximize the normal operation time of the network and avoid economic losses caused by system interruption due to network failures
Cost-effective: Flexible and diverse product combinations, easy installation and debugging and excellent cost performance to meet different industrial needs and protect the investment cost of users to the maximum

Application scenarios
Hi-SCOM Industrial Ethernet products are committed to ensuring users' key applications and are widely used in various industrial fields.
Infrastructure: Power generation, power transmission and distribution, wind power, PV, photothermal, etc.
Traffic automation: Expressway, tunnel, bridge, rail transit, municipal engineering, port and wharf, etc.
Process automation: Chemical, metallurgy, water treatment, oil and gas, coal mine, etc.
Discrete automation: Machinery manufacturing, factory automation, building automation, etc