Technical applications

Technical applications

We focus on comprehensive solutions to the integration of “automation”, “informatization” and communication technologies in data acquisition, data interaction, data analysis and data processing in the production process.

Technical applications

Intelligent Flexible Production Logistics Management System

Publish Date:2019-10-30

The Intelligent Flexible Production Logistics Management System is an unmanned intelligent logistics control solution that HITE promotes to complex production lines. We own 100% independent intellectual property rights. Through intelligent algorithms such as material sensing, path planning, handling control, fault circumvention, and dynamic balance, the system enables intelligent and unmanned high-efficiency operation of production lines and assists enterprises in upgrading from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

This solution is a management software system oriented towards manufacturing end users or production line integrators, which can automatically make decisions according to production reality. It aims to provide users with an overall solution of one-stop intelligent workshop and enables intelligent management and flexible production of production lines. The company is committed to meeting customers' demands to improve production efficiency, save the labor, and cut production cost so as to realize flexible production. It can customize the overall solution of unmanned workshop and flexible production line for customers. At the same time, it can also extend to providing customers with intelligent flexible logistics system for raw materials at the front end of production and with intelligent logistics system for finished products at the back end. Open up the whole intelligent flexible logistics dispatching system from raw materials to finished products. This is one of solutions that HITE currently promotes at full throttle to intelligent manufacturing.

System intelligence
· Intelligent system decision-making: Automatic scheduling, automatic planning of optimal material flow path
· Intelligent production optimization: Adaptive output analysis, and intelligent scheduling of production balancing
· Intelligent fault adaptation: Automatic detection of faulty equipment, automatic off-line isolation, automatic path circumvention, and automatic on-line recovery
· Intelligent human-computer interaction: Automatic capacity scheduling and manual intervention scheduling are dynamically switched to dynamically meet various output demands



Implementation mechanism
Model and core algorithm based on industry process flow
· Personalizing batch, complying with algorithm
· Production scheduling theory and algorithm
· Full data analysis model of production process
· Planning of optimal material path



System value
· Machines replace manpower and save the labor.
· Improving the utilization rate of the production line
· Whole process tracking of production data
· Visual production operating system
· Reducing production scheduling personnel and difficulty

Application scenarios
· Unmanned workshop
· Flexible production line
· Mixed production line